Given To Live - Poster Designs
Given To Live is a charitable organisation based in Bristol, UK which takes sick or disadvantaged people to see their favourite bands.

The organisation recognises the unique ability that live music has, which is able to make the most marginalised individual feel a part of something much larger.

As a way of making their special day even more unforgettable,  Given To Live have one-of-a-kind gig posters designed as a keepsafe for the person involved. I was delighted to play a small role in the big difference that Given To Live makes for such deserving individuals.

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Pearl Jam - London 2018

This poster was commissioned by Given to Live to commemorate the sponsored walk that was undertaken by the organisation’s founder, Tom, as well as some other trusty supporters of the G2L cause. Tom and his partner, Ewa, walked all the way from Bristol to The o2 Arena in London to raise money and awareness for what they do. The poster was designed as a thank you for those who joined them along the way

Veronkia - Pearl Jam - Krakow 2018

Veronika is a young, single mother who spends most of her time caring for her daughter who has cerebral palsy. Friends of hers got in touch with G2L because they thought that she needed the gift of live music, and there happened to be a Pearl Jam gig coming up in one of her country’s main cities. 

The design uses visual inspiration from the myth that the city of Krakow was built upon the remains of a slain dragon, and incorperates this into an image which is meant to portray Veronika’s unyielding effort to see her child ‘spread her wings’ and flourish despite all the difficulties they face.